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Current Semester Schedule

Fall 2018 Course Schedule
Includes course times, office hours, locations, and links to current syllabi

Courses Taught

January 2008-August 2012

Department of History, University of Maryland University College (UMUC)

HIST 141 Western Civilization I

HIST 142 Western Civilization II

HIST 202 Principles of War

HIST 390 Rise of Islam

HIST 392 Contemporary Middle East History

HIST 465 World War II

Author of WWII course modules

Course developer for HIST 390 Rise of Islam

January 2007-January 2008

Department of Government and Politics, University of Maryland University College (UMUC)

GOVT 170 American Government

June 2006-Present

Department of Government, Austin Community College (ACC)

GOVT 2304 Introduction to Political Science

GOVT 2305 United States Government

GOVT 2306 Texas Government

January 2002-August 2004

Department of Political Science, Tomball College

GOVT 2301 American Government I

GOVT 2302 American Government II

January 2002-December 2003

Department of Political Science, University of Houston

POLS 3341 Political Thought Since Machiavelli and the Renaissance

POLS 3313 Intro to International Relations

POLS 3360 Politics and Mass Media

POLS 4333 Islam and Democracy